approximate formula

approximate formula
приближенная формула

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  • approximate formula — artutinė formulė statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. approximate formula vok. Näherungsformel, f rus. приближённая формула, f pranc. formule approximative, f …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • formula — 1. A recipe or prescription containing directions for the compounding of a medicinal preparation. 2. In chemistry, a symbol or collection of symbols expressing the number of atoms of the element or elements forming one molecule of a substance,… …   Medical dictionary

  • Formula One engines — Since its inception in 1947, Formula One has used a variety of engine regulations. The origin of the name Formula comes from the use of a maximum engine capacity and single weight regulation. Formulas limiting engine capacity had been used in… …   Wikipedia

  • Euler–Maclaurin formula — In mathematics, the Euler–Maclaurin formula provides a powerful connection between integrals (see calculus) and sums. It can be used to approximate integrals by finite sums, or conversely to evaluate finite sums and infinite series using… …   Wikipedia

  • Semi-empirical mass formula — In nuclear physics, the semi empirical mass formula (SEMF), sometimes also called Weizsäcker s formula, is a formula used to approximate the mass and various other properties of an atomic nucleus. As the name suggests, it is partially based on… …   Wikipedia

  • Chemical formula — Al2(SO4)3 Example of a chemical formula, aluminium sulfate A chemical formula or molecular formula is a way of expressing information about the atoms that constitute a particular chemical compound. The chemical formula identifies each constituent …   Wikipedia

  • Australian Formula 2 — Australian Formula 2, sometimes abbreviated to AF2 or ANF2, is a wings and slicks formula racing category in Australia. The category is one of Australia s oldest, dating back to 1964. The current format of AF2 was introduced in 1978. Brian Shead… …   Wikipedia

  • Leibniz formula for pi — See Leibniz formula for other formulas known under the same name. In mathematics, the Leibniz formula for pi;, named after Gottfried Leibniz, states that:1 , , frac{1}{3} ,+, frac{1}{5} , , frac{1}{7} ,+, frac{1}{9} , , cdots ;=; frac{pi}{4}.!The …   Wikipedia

  • Tanaka's formula — In the stochastic calculus, Tanaka s formula states that:|B t| = int 0^t sgn(B s) dB s + L twhere B t is the standard Brownian motion, sgn denotes the sign function:sgn (x) = egin{cases} +1, x geq 0; 1, x < 0. end{cases}and L t is its local time …   Wikipedia

  • Davidon-Fletcher-Powell formula — The Davidon Fletcher Powell formula (DFP) finds the solution to the secant equation that is closest to the current estimate and satisfies the curvature condition (see below). It was the first quasi Newton method which generalize the secant method …   Wikipedia

  • Davidon–Fletcher–Powell formula — The Davidon–Fletcher–Powell formula (or DFP; named after William C. Davidon, Roger Fletcher, and Michael J. D. Powell) finds the solution to the secant equation that is closest to the current estimate and satisfies the curvature condition (see… …   Wikipedia

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